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Mother of bride dresses style

Le 14 September 2017, 10:19 dans Humeurs 0

Nowadays, wedding styles gradually tend to eastern styles. At wedding ceremonies, selecting mother of the bride dresses is more difficult than costumes of fathers. At present, wedding dresses and cheongsam take up a big part of the bridal costume. So, If mother of the bride can't pay attention to the costume, finally it can't meet her requirement.So we share several dresses for mother of the bride, to avoid your choice of trouble.

1. Elin Mother Of Bride Dress

mother of bride dresses

2.Beaded Jersey Mother Of Bride Gown mother of bride dresses

3.Beaded Lace Mother Of Bride Gown mother of bride dresses

4.Larissa Satin Mother Of Bride Dresses mother of bride dresses

5.Chiffon Mother of the Bride Gown mother of bride dresses

6.Claret Mother Of Bride Dress

mother of bride dresses

7.Tirage Mother Of Bride Dress

mother of bride dresses

8.Lucent Mother Of Bride Dress

mother of bride dresses

9.Alessandra Mother Of Bride Dress mother of bride dresses

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More Beautiful Flower Girl Dresses

Le 14 September 2017, 10:14 dans Humeurs 0

How to dress up flower girls who play an important role in wedding is worth consideration. The flower girls who firstly show up, are the angels at wedding ceremony and the most lovely center. Besides, they can create an unforgettable theme and atmosphere. Their apparel should match wedding venue and wedding theme color, most importantly, the couple and flower girls themselves should love it. So the children will feel comfortable and show up confidently. Let the popular flower girls apparel which countless adults and children love romantically start your dreamy wedding ceremony.

1.Cute Flower Girl Dresses for a Spring Wedding flower girl dresses

2.lace flower girl dresses

flower girl dresses

3.Baby flower girl dresses and Flower girls


flower girl dresses

4.Vintage Flower Girl Dresses

flower girl dresses

5.white flower girl dress with blue flower and sashflower girl dresses

6.New Charm light Sliver Grey Flower Girl Dressflower girl dresses

7.Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

flower girl dresses

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Palawan is one of the beautiful wedding destination

Le 17 August 2017, 10:22 dans Humeurs 0

1. Palawan, The Beautiful Island

Palawan is located in the Philippines, Philippines is a very beautiful country, especially with their extraordinary hiking, diving, beaches and of course — islands that are really beautiful and impressive. Palawan is very charming with its attractive landscape. So If you have a destination here, I think you will be impressed with your wedding. Besides, your guests will also remember the unforgettable wedding experience.You can wear a beach wedding dress, where you can hold an unforgettable wedding.

If you go there, you will find that beautiful blue water mixes with emerald green, jungle-filled mountains that appear to rise up from the ocean, and small fishing villages dot the island. Together with its neighboring islands, it creates the Palawan province, which is really a paradise.landscapelandscape

It is described as”the last frontier”, Palawan has artifacts that date back 50,000 years. The island is accessible by either boat or airplane — it’s about an hour and a half by air from Manila— although you can also get there from Iloilo and Cebu. Many say the ideal time to head to Palawan is between about May and October. If you would like to have a destination wedding, It will be greater to get there in warm season. Wear your gorgeous short wedding dress and enjoy your big day. landscapelandscape

High points include island-hopping around the Bacuit archipelago for the cliffs, sinkholes and lagoons, venturing to Puerto Princesa for its culinary delights and staying in one of Coron’s luxury hotels.650px650px

Incredible (and rare) wildlife can be found on the islands, from purple crabs and Philippine mouse-deer to Philippine pangolin and beautiful butterflies. We suggest heading into the water and going below the surface.

Palawan has some of the best spots to scuba dive in the world — barracuda-filled shipwrecks, for example, line the bottom of Coron Bay.


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